Whether you’re excited new parents or expecting parents, ababylife.com allows you to create a free baby website for your baby. A free baby website allows you to track your child’s special moments such as their firsts and favorites, upload photos and videos, create height and weight charts, add your registries, create a custom ababylife birth certificate, set and monitor goals, and share it all with friends and family. As a parent you are going to want to record all of these priceless memories while your baby grows.

Ababylife.com also allows you to connect with other parents and send and receive messages. View other baby websites who you have become friends with or search and view public baby websites. With a free baby website, you will be able to adjust your privacy settings to your liking with several options.

Get started by creating an account today. It's fast, easy, and free. A free baby website makes it easy for friends and family to stay connected. Friends and family will never miss a special moment! 
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