Logging In with Facebook®

New Users
Logging in with Facebook® allows you to log into ABabylife.com using your Facebook® information. This saves you from having to create an Ababylife.com account on our website.

Existing Users
Existing users of our website can login to our website with their Facebook® account. After logging in, if the Facebook® email address matches the Ababylife.com address, the user can link their existing Ababylife account with their Facebook® account. This allows the existing Ababylife.com user to keep all their existing Ababylife.com information including any baby profiles created.

Why else would I Login with Facebook®?
Ababylife.com will be adding features to allow users to enhance their experience while using Ababylife.com. After logging in with Facebook®, users can communicate from ABabylife.com with Facebook®. This allows users to import information or update their Facebook® information from Ababylife.com. For instance, the user could import photos and videos from Facebook® instead of having to upload them to Ababylife.com. The user could also directly update their Facebook® wall from Ababylife.com to inform both their Ababylife.com friends and Facebook® friends at the same time.

How it works
After clicking the Login with Facebook® button, a popup window will appear that allows you to login using your Facebook® information. We do not have access to any of your login information (including your email address) as the popup contains a form generated by Facebook®. This form in the popup sends the information directly to Facebook®. Facebook® informs us after you are logged in and shows you a new form asking what information you will share with us to enhance and simplify your experience.

We request information and permissions such as:

Removing information imported from Facebook®
Any information that is imported from Facebook® can be deleted by visiting the user profile settings and clicking the delete Facebook® information button.